Welcome to 100 Symphonies in 100 Days! People who are participating in this challenge will post here on occasion, detailing their progress, reviewing recordings, or recording random thoughts as they crank through their list.

The list itself is the result of random conversation over tacos and scribbling on a placemat. We came up with a list of "standard repertoire" composers, which accounts for half of the list. There are no specific symphonies specified - it's up to the listener to choose which! But we encourage a listen of the less-popular works, as opposed to yet another go at the Beethoven 7th.

After the 50 "standard repertoire" composers, we require three symphonies written pre-1750 and three symphonies written post-2000. This is to make sure you hit the very outer fringes of symphonic repertoire. We also require four symphonies written by female composers.

The remaining 40 symphonies are of your own choosing! Look far and wide. You can continue with more of the standard repertoire composers, hit up the B-list composers, or go ultra-obscure!

The official start date is June 1st, so get your MP3s, CDs and vinyl ready! We plan on meeting once a month for a quick review and discussion, plus some listening. Follow our progress here in the meantime!


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